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Promotional & Private Label Metallic Bags

‘Tis the season for charming, brilliant, shining products. This month, we want to feature several of our most popular items, which have captured the hearts of our customers with its high quality construction, thick faux leather material, and shining metallic nature… all perfect to set your fall time promotion or gift with purchase campaign to a brilliant start.

This designer, high-end faux leather (leatherette) tote bag has been a top seller for two years now and this year, we have introduced its matching companion, the metallic leatherette cosmetic case, which comes with lining, sturdy top zipper construction, and a matching leatherette zipper puller for that premium and fashionable look.

metallic tote bag and cosmetic bag rose gold silver

For a designer, high-end, department store quality promotional bag, the pricing is affordable and the style is hard to beat. Other metallic colors include: silver, rose gold, gold, metallic magenta (fuschia)

metallic tote bags cosmetic gold rose gold silver fuschia shiny

Shop these bags here:

p.s. Looking for a matching metallic mirror? Check out our favorite metal push-button mirror:

metallic push button mirror rose gold silver

November 9, 2018

FemmePromo.com Launches Custom Made Creations Line

Custom Made CreationsWe are so excited to announce the launch of our new Custom Made Creations (CMC) line! This line is specifically designed so that you can get exactly what you want, on time, and at a competitive price. We know that some events, promotional giveaways, personalized client gifts, and private label collections require completely custom products to make them perfect – sometimes the stock options just don’t cut it. But when the sky is the limit, the options can be a bit overwhelming. CMC gives you the perfect place to begin!

Our CMC line breaks this entire process down into 4 simple steps that will take you from concept to completion:


Step 1: Select an idea. Choose from a variety of product options to select a general concept for your Custom Made Creation.

Step 2: Define material, shape, size, style, pattern/imprint, and colors. Once you have a product idea, you get to do the creating!

Step 3: Approve mock-up. After you’ve put the finishing touches on your Custom Made Creation design, we’ll create a virtual mock-up for you to approve. That way, we’ll be sure that we understand your vision!

Step 4: Ideas come to life. After you approve, production begins! Depending on the product you have designed and the quantity you need, we will have your order to you within 4 weeks for most orders! Only the very high quantity ones (in the thousands) would require a couple of months lead times.

The options are limitless with our new CMC line: custom bags and totes, custom leather merchandise, promotional jewelry and key chains, books, journals, notebooks, spa and beauty items, housewares, and so much more! And with our Custom Made Creations program, you can be sure to get high quality materials with excellent construction.

With each order, you receive first a virtual mock-up and then upon approval, a prototype to approve where you can touch and feel your custom made product. Our easy, streamlined process will ensure that your design is clearly understood prior to production, so you can rest easy knowing that your full run order will produce exactly the way you want.

Our Custom Made Creations line makes designing and producing completely custom products simple! Here are a few ideas of what we can do to design your own custom made products:

CMC_blankCMC top half1CMC top half2CMC top half3

CMC_blankCMC bottom half1CMC bottom half2CMC bottom half3


Posted by Amanda, Marketing Associate

October 7, 2010

Create a Signature Custom Manufactured Product

lmn-shaker-set2There’s nothing better than getting exactly what you want…well, maybe except for coming up with a brilliant idea and then getting exactly what you want. ;) When you have a particular item in mind, you probably have it down to the exact color, material, shape, and size. As you begin Googling, you start realizing what a daunting task it is hunting for your vision, yet anything less than perfect is just plain disappointing. This especially rings true when you’re searching for a particular item that matches your company’s brand message and style guide. Companies spend countless hours fine-tuning their brand with the perfect strategy and design language, and the same scrutiny is required when designing private label merchandise. What good is a private label handbag if the color is “off” when it sits beside the rest of the collection, the style doesn’t appeal to the target audience, or the material is lacking in quality? Nine times out of ten, you might be able to find a bag that is close to what you’re looking for, but it may be mission impossible to find one that fits all of your criteria. Don’t settle, there are options out there that so many are surprised to find out about and yes, they are affordable!

When you create a custom signature product that represents your brand, you are making a bold statement, and you need an item that your company will stand behind. The strength of a signature piece is the full alignment with your brand and brand strategy. Signature pieces are used for many purposes, including reselling, gift with purchase, promotional give away, events marketing (e.g., themed events), corporate gifts, and many more. For each purpose, the signature piece exudes quality, meaning, you didn’t opt for the more affordable standard, stock bag. You are a visionary, creating a signature, one-of-a-kind creation. (Go you!)


So what’s the hesitation? Why not create a signature piece? The usual culprits are price, time limitations, and finding a reliable source. Most of our customers are surprised to find out that many of our items don’t take 12+ weeks, but can actually be produced in 2 to 4 weeks. Another big surprise is that we custom produce original products within the U.S. for many items, so you don’t have to wait for the cargo to dock at the ports and for customs to clear your merchandise. Of course, we go overseas when we have to, especially for large quantity orders, but both our options (domestic and overseas production) have produced some of the most innovative, original pieces for well known brands such as: American Express, Disney, Time Warner, Saks Fifth Avenue, etc. Our price and quality must be exceptional to please these leading brands. And to minimize risk for you, we have check points along the process, such as creating mock-ups, prototypes, and sending you samples and swatches so you can see, touch, and feel your way through the process of getting exactly what you want.

The bottom line is this: our customers are frequently surprised at how easily and effortlessly creating a signature piece is, and that it’s not significantly more expensive than opting for a standard, stock piece. If you are looking to achieve an exact look, create high perceived value, and/or make a bold statement in a very specific way, consider custom manufacturing a private label bag, key chain, notebook, jewelry piece, or houseware item. Contact us for a quote or to get answers on how easily it can be done.


Melissa, Marketing Associate

Posted by Melissa, Marketing Associate

December 17, 2009

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