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My New Favorite Custom Purse Hangers, Ready for Imprinting! :)

Custom logo purse hangers and purse hooks have always been our top selling item. Companies from Marie Clare to Pandora Jewelry have branded these beautiful, jeweled pieces as signature items because of its uniqueness, stylish flare and femininity. As giveaway or gift with purchase, these accessory items are not only adorable but functional as well, keeping handbags clean and sanitary (off the floors!)

My new favorite custom purse hanger is this key chain combination purse hook. The key chain feature is very convenient to carry around. When not in use, the links are collapsible, staying in the folded position around personalized purse hanger face. When needed, the links/arms fully expand to become a purse hook.

custom purse hanger key chain

My second favorite is this jeweled, bling custom purse hanger piece below, where you’ll notice that the customized corporate logo is highlighted attractively by an impressive crystal border. It’s hard to show the premium nature and look of this crystal piece but in person, it’s even more exceptional than on-screen. The overall item is made of premium quality and features a high gloss epoxy finish to enhance the look of the personalized logo on the face of the purse hanger.

custom purse hook jeweled bling

Visit Femme Promo’s Custom Printed Purse Hangers section for wide selection of promotional purse hangers and purse hooks.

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Sidney, Manager

Posted by Sidney, Manager

January 15, 2013

Blog Launch & Imprinted Purse Hangers

Welcome to the Femme Promo Blog!  Our goal is to provide you with the most fashionable and innovative ideas all in one place, so you don’t have to dig through hundreds of websites to figure out what modern, stylish women are using in their daily lives and what products get them excited.  We also hope to shed some light on your most common questions about custom manufacturing and the process of custom imprinting on our cool products.  Please come back often as we frequently search the marketplace for new trends and designs, so you can expect new product features several times a month.

Last month, Dr. Oz launched his new, highly anticipated show, The Dr. Oz Show.  During the first week of airing, Dr. Oz featured a segment about the germs that women carry around with them, right in their handbags!  It was gross.  Dr. Oz tested women’s handbags, especially our “favorite purses” which we use daily.  The results were alarming – dangerous bacteria and fungus (ones that cause asthma, infections, and more) were found.  The solution Dr. Oz offered was simple: use purse hangers (also known as purse hooks or handbag hangers)!  If you’ve seen purse hangers before, you know how cool these little accessories are and how much attention they get from other women.  Purse hangers are a couple of inches in size and quite slim. They fit easily into your pocket and definitely in a clutch or handbag, so you can carry them everywhere.  Purse hangers are designed with a hook that swivels out to hang handbags underneath the table, keeping purses clean and safe from dangerous bacteria.  (Our custom purse hangers hold bags up to 15-20 lbs.  Most large purses only weigh around 3 to 5 lbs.)

Illustration of Custom Logo Purse Hanger Illustration of Custom Logo Purse Hanger

Highly popular in Europe, these purse hangers have yet to reach such popularity in the U.S., making it a great opportunity for businesses and organizations to brand a logo and give away.  Outside of the excited and positive feedback you’ll get from the recipient of these little stylish gifts, the fact that they are just starting to become popular means that most women don’t have them yet. Your gifts will be perceived as unique and highly innovative.

Promotional Logo Purse HangersOther benefits: keeps light colored bags from getting dirty (especially on the bottom), allows users to always have a place to put their purse (ex: for those restaurants where the only place to put your purse is your lap), keeps bags within sight away from thieves (not just gross germs), and due to daily use, your logo would get great exposure to recipients wherever she goes.  Hands down, our top selling item this year. :)

Watch Dr. Oz’s video by clicking here.


Posted by Sidney, Manager

October 2, 2009

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