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A Fabulous Unisex Gift!

This Custom Purse Hanger and Key Chain Set is a great gift for both men and women. Featuring a full color imprint with a high gloss epoxy dome (giving it a 3D effect!) this gift set is packaged in a nice black gift box – a quality made product sure to impress. Because most women still don’t own purse hooks yet, this gift set idea is typically perceived as both innovative and thoughtful.


Another great option available is our ability to make custom sets: Choose your own pairing from our personalized accessories, which include compact mirror favors, key chains, and/or personalized purse hanger gifts. I have a special affinity for our custom purse hooks, as they are a convenient and stylish way to hang your bag instead of placing it on the floor and worrying about your possessions getting dirty or stolen. For custom logo key chains and custom compact mirrors, select either a laser engraved or some mirrors even feature a full color front design for clients who have colorful brands. Contact us for more ideas to customize your promotional purse hangers, purse hooks, handbag holders, and customizing a gift set.


Posted by Denise, Operations Assistant

March 15, 2013

What Are Custom Purse Hangers?

One of the most frequently asked questions that we get from our customers is what purse hangers are. Purse hangers are engineered to support up to 15 pounds in weight and can hold purses and handbags for all occasions. The purposes of purse hangers are to protect purses from dirty floors by hanging it right next to you on the table. We currently have three variations of purse hangers. Our first variation is called a folding purse hanger with a hidden hook. As you can see below the hook is always hidden when purse hanger is stored. That way it keeps the hook in a tidy shape without suffering any damage from things that may get tangled while stored inside your purse.


Our second variation is called a round/square folding purse hanger. It is the same concept as our previous version with the exception that the hook is always exposed as shown in the imagery below.


Our third and final variation is a custom purse hanger with hook. Unlike the previous two variations the hook does not fold and is always exposed as depicted below.


Our beautiful, trendy, sophisticate, lightweight imprinted purse hangers offers a nice companion accessory to your purses no matter where you go. Almost all of our custom logo purse hangers come with an individual gift box or velvet pouch to store your purse hangers in. The most important thing about our imprinted purse hangers is that you can customize it to your needs whether is it is showcasing your logo, name, organization or event. Our most popular ones are the ones that come standard with the option of full color printing, where you can imprint photo quality images right on the surface and your logo or brand will be exposed to many to see. If you wanted engraving, we do have custom laser engraved purse hangers as well. And if you want a bit of bling…we have that too! Some of our purse hangers have a crystallization/rhinestones option as well. Here are our top custom purse hangers.

Custom Folding Purse Hanger Black with Laser EngravingPersonalized Full Color Folding Purse HangerImprinted Folding Purse Hanger with Hidden Hook

Promotional Round Folding Purse Hanger, MagneticCustom Flower Folding Purse Hanger with Crystal BorderPersonalized Round Folding Purse Hanger, Rhinestone


Posted by Lorena, Design Specialist


August 30, 2011

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