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Shopping Cosmetic Bags: My Favorite Features & Brands!

At Femme Promo we stay on top of the latest trends and designs retail and department store brands are producing, so that our customers stay ahead of the curve. Our custom manufactured wholesale cosmetic cases feature custom zippers, metal zippers, zipper pullers, tassel zipper attachments, leather and leatherette features, and more. Here are some examples of famous designer cosmetic bag brands and my favorite features:

Femme Custom bag inspired by Stephanie Johnson-

Quilted cosmetic bags are one of my favorites, this detail makes the looks simple but at the same time attractive. At Femme Promo however, we have similar styles that can be customized in a wide variety of colors as well as personalized with your company’s logo.

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Femme Custom bag inspired by Tory Burch -

Whether the whole cosmetic bag is made of leather or has some leather accents, this material takes the bag to a whole new level of sophistication. At Femme Promo we have different colors of leather available, or even leather details like a tassel puller.

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Femme Custom bag inspired by Bobbi Brown -

Compact but spacious cosmetic bags are simply the best. Definitely having a cosmetic bag that can fit anywhere but still fit everything is a must! At Femme Promo we have several options to choose from which you can personalize to your liking.

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December 7, 2016

Custom Designer Cosmetic Bags

Custom made cosmetic bags are one of the most successful promotions for women and teens, young and old. Lancome, Clinique, and most of the major brands give them as Gift with Purchase and no matter how many you have, you just can’t pass by a cute designer cosmetic bag. (That’s how you know as a marketer, it works!)

Signature cosmetic bags and travel make up bags are a great way to get your brand in front of customers and potential buyers. Custom made cosmetic cases make great corporate gifts for employees or clients, giveaway items at trade shows or expo’s, wedding favors for bridesmaids, branding/marketing items to promote your business, fundraisers such as church groups and non profit fundraisers for women’s groups like breast cancer or ovarian research, and as mentioned above, a really great Gift with Purchase program that never gets old!

Most importantly, these promotional make up bags are one of the most easily customizable and inexpensive products to produce.

The most important thing to keep in mind when creating a designer bag is the material and the color. Why? Because the goal is to get your bag used and adored daily. The cosmetic bag’s goal is to become a “best friend,” an item that your recipient takes along with her wherever she goes! We recommend choosing a fashion-forward (non-traditional) material, which doesn’t necessarily mean that you are required to pay more. In fact, sometimes you can find more cost effective options choosing a trendy fabric or combining different fabrics together.

For example, some avant-garde materials are patent leather, quilted satin, cotton canvas, organic cotton canvas, genuine leather (premium faux leather is OK too) or neoprene, one of our most cutting-edge materials (it’s made of a surfer’s bodysuit material, which is very durable, washable, and ultra cool.)

Cosmetic Bags top1Cosmetic Bags top2Cosmetic Bags top3Cosmetic Bags top4

The next step in the process is choosing the right pattern. Think of your logo or design, then think of the recipient. Do you want it feminine, sophisticated, fun, darling, funky, or unisex? Do you want solid colors or prints? You may also consider using two fabrics to achieve a catchy two-tone design, which is a great way to make your bag stand out amongst others. The icing on the cake in my opinion is the interior of the bag. Adding a satin liner that contrasts the exterior color is a simple way to give the bag more of a luxurious feel. Often times we can even do a classic step-and-repeat of your logo making your custom cosmetic case feel premium with a unique, signature liner which can be seen with many high priced designer bags nowadays.

whiteboxCosmetic Bags bottom1Cosmetic Bags bottom2Cosmetic Bags bottom3

Finally, if a simple bag is what you have in mind then think of a (very creative or visionary) imprint or logo to use that will give the your bag that stylish and inspired look. Using one or two imprint colors keeps your costs low but if you make the design more fashionable, it will be the most bang for your buck therefore the recipient will probably like it more and use it frequently.


Posted by Amanda, Marketing Associate

September 30, 2010

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