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Create Your Own Candle!

Customizing a custom made candle is all about originality and concept; even in candles. For a brand to speak to its target audience in an eloquent way, there needs to be a touch of something unique or something memorable. Choosing the custom imprint, wax colors, and especially the fragrance is important. For resorts and day spas located near oceanfront properties, we recommend a ‘clean’ scent like our ocean scent or relaxation. For sophisticated brands, perhaps our top selling Tangerine Vanilla is the way to go. For a more complicated, yet elegant twist, try the Matsuma fragrance.

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Below are some packaging examples that bring you a standard logo brand into a more creative and stylish twist, with a contemporary pattern or border.

What are the personalization options for our candles? When it comes to packaging, you can choose an assortment of tuck boxes, such as black, red, kraft brown, and white. We offer two piece deluxe boxes, designer boxes which have been pre-printed with some pretty stylish patterns. Some boxes include bows, or you can also add a custom ribbon to your order. For orders of 1,000+, you can design your own signature box design and our team of talented designers can certainly assist you. Femme Promo makes creating a signature custom private label candle quite easy and offers a delightfully surprising execution job that will certainly please your brand manager and gift recipient alike!

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April 15, 2015

Soy Candles, the New Guy in Town!

What are these soybean candles all about anyway? With the widespread consciousness of using sustainable, earth-friendly products, soy candles are the choice for savvy consumers who want a better smelling candle, one that lasts longer, burns smoother, and is made from all natural soy wax. (Our soy candles in particular are American grown, sustainable, and carbon neutral.)

So what’s the skinny on soy vs. traditional paraffin wax candles? Besides being eco-friendly and grown on American soil, soy candles on average burn 50% longer, produce little to no soot while burning, are non-toxic, and their scent reaches farther and emits stronger fragrance than traditional promotional candles made of paraffin wax. If you think about how much is spent on $5, $10, and $15 traditional candles that promise to produce good quality fragrance but then falls short, one can easily see that the investment in soybean candles is well worth the cost.

Did you know that our candles are poured after you place the order? That’s how we can offer such a plethora of wonderful fragrance options and you can be assured that you’ll get fresh candles to giveaway to your customers and partners.

Here are our favorite, hand-poured, all-natural custom made soy candles perfect for any promotion or event:

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blankSoy top half second row1Soy top half second row2blank_sm

Personally, I only give out soy candles as gifts to my friends and family because I know with soy, no matter which brand I go with, they will always smell fabulous. Now if you are looking for a really premium candle to give as a corporate gift or spa treat (like something you would find in a high end hotel), I recommend Seda France’s Custom Luxury Candle Gift. Lifestyle guru, Colin Cowie, recommended these candles as the “perfect gift” on Oprah and Martha Stewart has also featured them as “the gift of luxury.” These candles burn for 40 hours and are hand poured in the USA. The packaging is extremely premium with a wide selection of box and ribbon options. Recently we did a promotion of 100,000 pieces for a Gift With Purchase program for a nation-wide retail chain and it was one of their best promotions to date.

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Posted by Amanda, Marketing Associate

October 20, 2010

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