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What is Neoprene?

I have clients ask me every day about neoprene laptop sleeves, and why custom neoprene sleeves are such a good choice for a promotional giveaway or corporate gift. Neoprene has become a more and more popular material used in laptop sleeves, iPod covers, and surfer’s wetsuits. Even high-end designers like Balenciaga, Lanvin, Vera Wang, and Pierre Hardy have used neoprene in their collections, but no one seems to know exactly what neoprene is!


Neoprene is a highly innovative material that is most commonly known for use in bodysuits or wetsuits for surfing and other water sports. It’s thick, washable, soft, and waterproof. Neoprene can even be twisted and pinched and not lose its shape or have weird stretch lines in it like plastic or leather. The reason surfers use it is because it can hold your body’s temperature for hours, so they can stay in the cold water for longer periods of time without getting hypothermia.


Neoprene was invented just a few weeks before nylon in the 1930’s by DuPont Performance Elastomers through a corporate research project. This was the first ever, successfully made synthetic rubber in history! Polychloroprene is the technical name for neoprene. Originally, it was used for automotive parts like fan belts, and other industrial applications like hoses and tires. During World War II, ALL of the neoprene in the U.S. was sent to help with war efforts. Neoprene is a tough material and it can stand up to water, oils, solvents, heat and is even somewhat resistant to fire.

So why make a laptop sleeve out of it? A custom neoprene laptop cover is the perfect promotional giveaway! The material is thick, protective, and it oozes sophistication due to its high quality –which means the laptop sleeve won’t go to waste because people will actually use it. Neoprene laptop cases are versatile and can even stretch up to 0.5” to fit different size laptops. We recently added a wide selection of new neoprene laptop cases and other custom neoprene products to our site and they can be imprinted in a variety of methods, including full color sublimation, screen print, heat transfer, deboss, and embroidery.

Two-Tone Neoprene Laptop SleeveNeoprene Cargo Laptop SleeveNeoprene 17 inch Laptop SleeveReversible Neoprene Laptop Sleeve

Neoprene Sleeve for iPadNeoprene Laptop Sleeve w/HandlesBYO Neoprene Commuter Laptop BagNeoprene Laptop Sleeve Briefcase

Cathy, Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Posted by Cathy, Sales & Marketing Coordinator

December 15, 2010

Form, Function, and Fabulous Designs: Imprinted BUILT NY totes!

Customers always ask us for new product ideas that are innovative and will set their brand apart from the competition; after all, that’s what we do best. One of our most popular product lines that we always recommend is our neoprene line, especially our promotional BUILT NY and BYO items. Colorful, bright, and with delightful fabric pattern options, your logo will surely shine and the recipient will definitely not be tossing these to the side.

Neoprene is one of the most innovative materials right now, especially for bags, pouches, wine totes, and laptop sleeves. You’ve heard of it in the past, especially if you’re into surfing. It’s the same durable and protective material that keeps a surfer’s body warm while he’s out surfing – that’s right, it’s the material of his wetsuit! What makes neoprene so innovative is that it’s thick, washable, protective, and feels soft to the touch. It’s perfect for food and beverages because it holds temperatures for several hours, so your beer stays cold and your soups stay warm.

BUILT NY Promotional Products

BUILT NY has a patent on their signature wine tote, so if you see a knock off elsewhere, I believe that’s patent infringement. They’ve also got a strong brand behind them, the designs are cool and funky, the stitching is perfect, and the material is always reliable – all the attributes that make promotional BUILT NY items an absolutely fall-in-love-with gift item! Seriously, it’s no wonder why BUILT has received rave reviews from Fortune Magazine, Oprah’s O Magazine, Better Homes & Gardens, New York Post, Parenting Magazine, Woman’s World, American Baby, Bon Appetit, Real Simple, and so much more.

BUILT NY Press and Media BuzzBy the way, if you love the BUILT line but find that it’s not quite in your budget, the BYO line may be your answer. The items are very similar to the BUILT line, minus the BUILT signature logo. Also, the BYO line is made with a slightly thinner material, so wine totes, for example, would stay cold for 2-3 hours, rather than 4 hours. No recipient really notices the thickness of the material, since the design, material, and construction are all still excellent. You’re pretty much missing the BUILT brand.

BYO Promotional ProductsContact us for BUILT NY corporate gift ideas. We can even do (FREE) virtual mock-ups so you can see your logo on any promotional BUILT NY product or custom imprinted BYO tote or bag. And if you already started surfing our website, no, you’re not seeing things! Many items only require a 12 or 24 piece minimum order. :)

BTW, our newest promo BUILT NY item that’s sure to win over busy students, travelers, or professionals is the Cargo Travel Organizer. It keeps credit cards and ID’s zipped up and protects PDAs, iPods, and cell phones. It’s also a perfect fit for a travel mouse, chargers, cords, adapters, usb flash drives, etc. Notice the ergo design for hands to comfortably grab and go. Yep, BUILT NY thinks of everything!

BUILT NY Cargo Travel OrganizerSidney
Posted by Sidney, Manager

October 27, 2009

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