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Fashion Week 2011

Fashion Week Dates for 2011

Keep up with the new fashion trends in 2011: be part of this rapidly evolving era of e-commerce and now, even f-commerce.

2010 was definitely the year of e-commerce and now that the economy shows signs of recovery (finally!), retailers are aiming for more growth in 2011, with great focus on technology. Most of the major retail brands have launched (or will be launching soon) custom apps for iPhone, Android, iPad, and more. For example, Burberry’s app live streams their fashion shows and provides the option for consumers to purchase the runway collection directly from their iPad. It’s all about instant gratification. It’s 2011 – if consumers want it, they want it now.

Another big trend to look out for in 2011 is the “f-commerce”, which basically is the ability to execute shopping transactions in Facebook without leaving the network. Retailers have caught on to the wildfire called Facebook. What better place to connect with consumers than a platform which reaches 500 million users all around the world and even turned over an entire Egyptian government in under 20 days. Facebook is powerful stuff. It is estimated that Facebook users spend approximately 700 billion minutes per month browsing, sharing, and interacting. Currently, few brands like Hallmark, Victoria’s Secret, Dunkin’ Donuts, Ford, and Starbucks are using f-commerce, but it will soon be more and more common to see that around.

What’s still a staple of the fashion industry are the fashion shows each year where designers reveal their new looks. Here are the upcoming dates of the leading fashion shows of 2011:

Feb. 7-10: Montreal, (Quebec) Canada – Montreal Fashion Week

Feb. 10-17: New York, NY – Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
Feb. 18-23: London, United Kingdom – London Fashion Week
Feb. 21-27: Washington D.C.- D.C. Fashion Week
Feb. 22-25: Buenos Aires, Argentina – Buenos Aires Fashion Week
Feb. 23-Mar. 1: Milan, Italy – Milan Fashion Week
Mar. 1-9: Paris, France – Paris Fashion Week (Mode à Paris)
Mar. 3-6: Miami, FL – Miami Beach International Fashion Week
Mar. 15-18: Los Angeles, CA – Style Fashion Week LA
Mar. 18-25: Tokyo, Japan – Japan Fashion Week
Mar. 22-26: Charleston, SC – Charleston Fashion Week
May 2-6: Sydney, Australia – Rosemount Australian Fashion Week
May 30-Jun. 4: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Fashion Rio
Jun. 13-18: Sao Paulo, Brazil – Sao Paulo Fashion Week
Jul. 4-7: Hong Kong – Hong Kong Fashion Week

As usual, in 2011 we will also make sure to provide you with the trendiest, stylish, and most fashionable giveaway and promotional products, for fashion, women, and health & beauty industries.

Here are some of our top promotional products for the year :

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Eunice, Operations Assistant

Posted by Eunice, Operations Assistant

March 8, 2011

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