PPE Products for COVID-19 Coronavirus Prevention

Today, the number of USA coronavirus cases passed 200,000 and one of the biggest worries from the healthcare industry and medical fields are shortages of PPE (personal protective equipment), but Femme Custom has jumped in to help support businesses, practitioners and medical organizations who need supplies quick.

Our top most popular COVID-19 prevention related products are:

KN95 Medical Face Masks (alternative for N95 respirator mask shortages, per CDC article here).

Wholesale KN95 Medical Face Masks


Protective Face Shields

wholesale bulk prevention face shields

Multi-Ply Cloth Face Masks in Packs of 5 (Disposable)

bulk wholesale disposable face masks

Disinfecting Sponges

wholesale bulk covid-19 prevention essentials

FDA Approved Sanitizer Bottles

bulk wholesale hand sanitizers and prevention essentials


Sanitizers are selling out quick so be sure to pre-order these as some may deliver within 2 weeks while other styles may deliver 30-45 days later.

COVID-19 Prevention Signage for Office, Warehouse, Restaurant, & Other Commercial Spaces

wholesale bulk covid-19 safety signs and decals

1. COVID-19 Coronavirus Prevention Yellow Warning Card Or Sticker 4×6 Inch (top left image above)
2. COVID-19 Wash Your Hands Vinyl Sticker 4×8 Inch (top right image above)
3. COVID-19 Wash Your Hands We Care Vinyl Sticker Or Card 4×6 Inch (bottom left image above)
4. COVID-19 Coronavirus Prevention Red Warning Card Or Sticker 4×6 Inch (bottom right image above)

Shop the full selection of wholesale and bulk PPE merchandise here.

Posted by Samantha, Project Coordinator