Bright, Brilliant Colorful Printed Bags and Cosmetic Cases

Full Color Sublimation All Over Printed Bags and Totes

Has summer ended? Our busy season has already sprung into action with the fall and pre-holiday orders coming in.

If you’re one of these amazing, proactive brands who are gearing up already so you can be fully prepared and not in a last-minute rush and frenzy, we certainly commend you! Now is the time to begin your custom cosmetics bag design and we’re seeing a big trend in full color sublimated, all-over imprints (edge-to-edge), and fun assortment of colorful zippers and liners to adorn these darling promotional make-up bags.

Plain black or universal neutral does appease the mass audience but taking a risk on bright, brilliant colors… devoting your creative design energies on an allover designer print that’s a signature to your brand or line… this is how great, beautiful branding gets celebrated. Check out these gorgeous made-to-order prints which is sublimated from edge to edge on these great zippered pouches and canvas cosmetic bags.

Full Color Sublimation All Over Printed Bags and Totes

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