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November 20, 2018

Stop Buying Crap, A Minimalist Perspective on Promotional Products

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With the new wave of eco friendly attitudes, from paper straws to Starbucks reusable holiday mugs (which have sold out from day one), we see plenty of new sentiments on thoughtful approaches to giveaways, promotional merchandise and gift with purchase programs that we are in full agreement with.

FastCompany recently published an article called “Stop Buying Crap, and Companies Will Stop Making Crap” and popular blogger, The Happy Philosopher, shared similar sentiments in his article “If We All Stop Buying Stuff Will We Destroy the World?

How can we do our part each day, from menial decisions such as foregoing a straw at restaurants, to making more thoughtful purchases at work, when purchasing promo merch for our marketing decisions?

Reason #5. Giveaways that just end up in the trash is ineffective and useless. Cost per dollar seems low at the point of purchase but as soon as you give it away, it can end up in the trash. This means your cost per unit may even double or triple. So the actual cost-per-person has now increased significantly. Were there really cost savings at all, then?

Reason #4. Tariffs have increased, so the cost of giveaway premiums are now rising. It’s another reason to steer clear from giveaway pens, tchotchke’s and small trinkets that cost more than it should. We recommend taking the same budget you have but focusing on lesser quantity with a higher per unit cost. You might have less items but then again, they are items that are beautiful, memorable, and users actually want to keep.

Reason #3. Beyond just a memorable logo, your brand is the main value stake of your company. It is the essence of how your customers and potential customers perceive you. Thoughtful decisions about your brand on a day-to-day will pay off in the long-run. Check out Forbes magazines tips on good branding here in this article, which includes a big tip to “Ensure your brand is consistent across all platforms.” Is it important that your custom printed, branded merchandise matches your brand value? You betcha! Color, quality, and appearance should be brand consistent. More reasons to forego the cheap swap, and opt for high quality products that sheds the best light on your company’s best features (your brand).

Reason #2. Social media happy. In today’s world, it’s all about the photograph. Users are flicking past by all the text to stop and marinate in happy, swoon-worthy photos. If your swag doesn’t shine brightly and happily on an Instagram, Facebook, or e-commerce store photo, you should re-think your merchandise strategy. We have plenty of gorgeous, stylish, and affordable promotional bags, quality tech gear, hotel-style padfolios and portfolios, including merchandise with colorful patterns, designer construction, metallic materials which shimmer and shine, as well as our Top Featured products here, which have high reorders, have high positive feedback, and would make your camera happy.

Reason #1. Your customers will thank you and appreciate you. What other reason is there then to please your customers and make them feel good. Isn’t this the whole reason for your marketing campaign? The brand association to a happy feeling should be the ultimate goal of your next gift-with-purchase program, corporate gifting, or giveaway campaign. Aim for that positive feeling. If you cannot see your customer showing off your branded merchandise, contact us and we’ll help narrow down for you the best items that fit your brand’s cohesive marketing strategy.

So What Can You Do? At this point, we hope you are in the planning stages. Contact us for free consultation. Visit our Most Featured Items. We recommend focusing on material, construction, colors, and ‘wow’ factor. Quality materials such as good-weight cotton canvas that’s durable, if choosing a tote bag, or opting for designer bags, promotional cosmetic bags, notebooks with good spiral or binding, and one of our top sellers this year are custom candles. Candles sit on a surface with your branding quite visible, the positive association between your company brand and how they feel as the fragrance lifts their spirits and sensations, as well as the quality of our custom promotional candles matching that which you may see in Macy’s, Nordstroms, or Neiman Marcus. Our ability to allow you to private label your own candle is pretty neat, where you can customize the fragrance, wax color, packaging, and of course brand your company right on the candle itself.

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