Top 6 Tips For Creating Awesome Canvas Totes

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There are so many options to choose from when purchasing a giveaway or GWP. We often promote our trend-setting features like tassels, metallic fabrics, and colorful flair to help make your brand stand out. However, when it comes to custom printed canvas tote bags keeping it simple will keep you on top. Consumers love them because of their simplicity and practicality! You will love them because they are very cost efficient.

So how do you choose the perfect promotional canvas tote bag for your company? We are sharing our top 6 tips!

#6. Simple Shapes

Flat bags or simple square/rectangular body styles are usually top sellers because of their universality. They can fit books, electronics, beach gear, almost anything… and consumers are used to these simple shapes. They are approachable and easy to grab-and-go.

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6 oz natural cotton canvas screen printed

#5. Fun Designs

Canvas bags are popular for their simplicity, but don’t be afraid of color or creativity. Although natural canvas color is more affordable than colored canvas material, you can utilize colorful artwork or edge-to-edge printing to create a lovely, colorful, and playful affect for maximum eye-catching brand exposure.

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7 oz natural canvas tote with edge to edge printing large bulk

#4. Bigger isn’t Always Better…

Lightweight bags are durable and useful for giveaways and expos. They are affordable and will last a long time. Granted, the bags may not feel premium or luxe, but they absolutely do the job and are keepers for many years. Choose one of our lightweight custom canvas totes.

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For bags with a more retail-appeal, like one you would find in a department store, we recommend 8 oz minimum. Our most popular totes for the retail-look is usually 10 oz or 12 oz cotton canvas weight.

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the everything cotton shoulder tote screen printed

#3 …But Sometimes it is

If you insist on great weight, we have a few options that are 14 oz and up. A great feature of our heavier bags are the handles, which are designed to handle the weight with ease. The handles are both functional and add to the aesthetics of the bag. Check out our heavyweight promotional canvas bags.

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heavy Weight 14 oz cotton hard bottom tote bag wholesale

#2.A Little Style Never Hurt Anyone

We already pointed out that you don’t have to shy away from color or fun design, but you shouldn’t be afraid of a little style either! The easiest way to have a stylish bag is to choose one with interesting handles. We have a lot of stylish promotional tote bags to choose from! You can also choose a two-tone bag or mixed-media bag that has canvas and another material.

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colorplay brilliant 12 oz tote bag personalized

#1. You Can’t Go Wrong with a Shoulder Length Handle!

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a canvas bag for a giveaway for GWP, but the most important thing to think about is handle length. Shoulder length handles make promotional bags so functional and easy to use- your clients and customers will thank you!

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Posted by Samantha, Project Coordinator