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Promotional Notebooks and Journals

TOPimageWe are amongst such giants as the iPad, smart phone, and laptop computer but I’m willing to bet that somewhere on the cluttered desk next to the Macbook there’s an old fashioned paper notebook with all kinds of interesting tid bits in it. Why are notebooks and journals still in use when we have such amazing technology at our fingertips, you ask? The truth is that notebooks still satisfy certain desires that all the technology in the world can’t and never will. Notebooks are inexpensive, multi-functional, extremely tangible and durable, and channel creativity in a way that can’t be matched.

For example, my smart phone and laptop computer both pale in comparison to the mini Moleskine day to day planner that is kept in my purse for quick jotting and note taking. I don’t know about you, but I happen to have the short term memory of a gnat, therefore my pocket notebook does more than come in handy, it’s a life saver!

My number one reason for owning a journal is for the feel of it! Yes, I could easily log my daily thoughts in a tidy file on my computer but it just doesn’t feel the same as having a pen in hand and scribbling my thoughts down as they come. There’s a sense of self expression that one gets from writing that can’t be replicated. Not to mention the fact that while the use of phones and computers is prohibited in some settings, notebooks and journals conveniently are not.

For these reasons, you’ll never see a customized notebook or journal go out of style.  It will always be one of the top promotional products to give away because it is perfect for an executive gift, a sales person, a professional, a nurse, a student, a doctor, a mom, a teen, a meeting attendee… you get the idea. ;) And if you choose an exciting look and feel, you can bet your logo will be seen and recognized daily on your custom notebook or journal.

This brings us to the next question, what type of promotional notebook will be the most loved and widely used?  Small compact notebooks, sizes 4×6 or the most popular 5×7 are easy to carry and extremely popular since they can be used for jotting notes, brainstorming, making lists, and as a pseudo day plannerFull size notebooks are more formal and give you greater area for a cool design.  The material selection is essential since you want something that will stick around for as long as possible. Leather (or leatherette), vinyl, and polypropylene are popular. However, eco friendly notebooks made of recycled paper and organic inks are gaining popularity and may be the way to go.

blank_smNJ top half1NJ top half2NJ top half3Finally you’ll need to decide on a type of binding. There are quite a few to choose from such as spiral, comb, sewn, clasp, pressure, and perfect bound. Personally I’m a big fan of spiral bound notebooks. Being that I am left handed I find them to be much more efficient. It’s more comfortable and I’m able to use the entire page instead of one fourth of it! Spiral notebooks are also more convenient in that they have built-in pen holders. Although, spiral or bound, nowadays there are hundreds of custom notebooks and journals that include a pen look or a built-in pen holder feature to make your next promo journal or notebook completely functional.

Here are a few of our most popular notebooks and journals:

blankNJ bottom half1NJ bottom half2NJ bottom half3

Amanda, Marketing Associate

Posted by Amanda, Marketing Associate

October 19, 2010

FemmePromo.com Launches Custom Made Creations Line

Custom Made CreationsWe are so excited to announce the launch of our new Custom Made Creations (CMC) line! This line is specifically designed so that you can get exactly what you want, on time, and at a competitive price. We know that some events, promotional giveaways, personalized client gifts, and private label collections require completely custom products to make them perfect – sometimes the stock options just don’t cut it. But when the sky is the limit, the options can be a bit overwhelming. CMC gives you the perfect place to begin!

Our CMC line breaks this entire process down into 4 simple steps that will take you from concept to completion:


Step 1: Select an idea. Choose from a variety of product options to select a general concept for your Custom Made Creation.

Step 2: Define material, shape, size, style, pattern/imprint, and colors. Once you have a product idea, you get to do the creating!

Step 3: Approve mock-up. After you’ve put the finishing touches on your Custom Made Creation design, we’ll create a virtual mock-up for you to approve. That way, we’ll be sure that we understand your vision!

Step 4: Ideas come to life. After you approve, production begins! Depending on the product you have designed and the quantity you need, we will have your order to you within 4 weeks for most orders! Only the very high quantity ones (in the thousands) would require a couple of months lead times.

The options are limitless with our new CMC line: custom bags and totes, custom leather merchandise, promotional jewelry and key chains, books, journals, notebooks, spa and beauty items, housewares, and so much more! And with our Custom Made Creations program, you can be sure to get high quality materials with excellent construction.

With each order, you receive first a virtual mock-up and then upon approval, a prototype to approve where you can touch and feel your custom made product. Our easy, streamlined process will ensure that your design is clearly understood prior to production, so you can rest easy knowing that your full run order will produce exactly the way you want.

Our Custom Made Creations line makes designing and producing completely custom products simple! Here are a few ideas of what we can do to design your own custom made products:

CMC_blankCMC top half1CMC top half2CMC top half3

CMC_blankCMC bottom half1CMC bottom half2CMC bottom half3


Posted by Amanda, Marketing Associate

October 7, 2010

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