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Metallic Gold Items are Hot for the Holiday Season

Metallic gold promotional bags have always been a great gift idea for the holiday season, for your colleagues, employees, and clients. A bag or a cosmetic case is a great way for you to spread  holiday cheer on a day to day basis without trying too hard. That perfect gold color is a great way to bring in that special holiday cheer. Our metallic gold items also come in rose gold and silver as well. These perfect color choices for custom and promotional metallic gold items will certainly set your brand apart, in a stylish and attractive way.

Here are some of the top metallic gold totes, bags and zippered cases from this year:Metallic Gold and Silver Toteabla40918-metallic-tote-rose-gold

For cosmetic bags, the holiday season is especially fun in shiny patent vinyl or vibrant metallic leatherette or ink color. We can feature gold or rose gold and imprint your custom logo on the front. Choose a metallic bag for your next corporate gift or gift with purchase program… Or, what makes some of our products so great is that you can add a custom design in metallic ink.

Here are my favorite metallic make-up pouches:

Outside of bags, you can really chose office, professional or electronic accessories in metallic colors. Rather than the standard black promo gift, metallic gold is bright, cheerful, accentuates the holiday season, but can also be used year-round. For example our first ever Gold Metallic candle would be perfect for a promotional item. A customer would love this because candle are very popular to but during the holiday season. Our custom metallic totes are very stylish and trendy for the Holiday season as well. Having a metallic tote is a great way to spread holiday cheer but also being subtle at the same time. Our trendy promo items are a great idea for the holiday season as well. Sometimes something as little as a metallic compact mirror or cosmetic case, or even a Metallic Gold pen can make a persons  appearance seem trendy and in the holiday spirit.  Our cool promo items are ultimately our metallic items. The items are shiny and cute and everyone just loves a cool and different promo item. Our custom canvas bags and custom canvas totes are also perfect for the Holiday season. With sturdy handles and the ability to add eye-catching designs our canvas totes are even great gifts for the Holiday Season as well.

December 12, 2017

Fashion Week 2010


Fashion week is a chance for fashion designers to debut their latest collections and let everyone know what’s in and what’s out for the upcoming season. It’s an opportunity for celebrities and socialites to be seen, the media to photograph and write, and critics to analyze and…well…criticize. The largest shows are, of course, held in the fashion capitals of the world: Milan, London, New York and Paris. However, cities all across the United States and throughout the world host their own fashion weeks where designers get to display their latest masterpieces and buyers get a glimpse of the newest trends. But Fashion Week, no matter where it’s being held, is not just for designers and buyers. If you live in a city where a Fashion Week is taking place, don’t be shy! Check it out! At the very least, you’ll be impressed by the remarkable and inimitable designs, though you may find yourself wondering if you could ever possibly pull some of those outfits off. ;)

Here’s a list of the most well known fashion week events being held throughout the United States and world for 2010:

Feb. 11-18: New York, NY - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York
Feb. 15-21: Washington, D.C. - DC Fashion Week
Feb. 15-21: Oslo, Norway - Oslo Fashion Week
Feb. 15-21: Stockholm, Sweden - Stockholm Fashion Week
Feb. 18-23: Madrid, Spain - Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week
Feb. 19-25: London, England - London Fashion Week
Feb. 24-26: Buenos Aires, Argentina - Buenos Aires Fashion Week
Mar. 14-19: Aspen, CO - Aspen Fashion Week
Mar. 16-20: Charleston, SC - Charleston Fashion Week
Mar. 17-24: Los Angeles, CA - Fashion Week Los Angeles
Mar. 18-21: Miami, FL - Miaim Fashion Week
Jun. 24-27: Paris, France - Paris Fashion Week – Men’s Fashion
Jul. 5-8: Hong Kong - Hong Kong Fashion Week S/S
Jul. 13-18: Atlanta, GA - Atlanta International Fashion Week
Jul. 15-19: Miami, FL - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim Miami
Aug. 9-13: Baltimore, MD - Baltimore Fashion Week
Aug. 14-21: Austin, TX - Austin Fashion Week
Oct. 8-11: Columbus, OH - Columbus Fashion Week

With all of these upcoming Fashion Weeks, you can be sure of one thing, stylish Fashion Week Giveaways! Companies give away everything from trips to dresses to gift bags filled with unique, signature products. Here are a few fabulous giveaway ideas:

Fashion_1 Fashion_2 Fashion_5

Fashion_4 Fashion_3 Fashion_font

Melissa, Marketing Associate

Posted by Melissa, Marketing Associate

January 28, 2010

Not Just Another Box of Chocolates

The holiday season has come and gone and we’ve jumped into a new year whether we were ready to say good-bye to 2009 or not. The dust has barely settled from the ball dropping in Times Square, but we’re already flying through January, which means one thing – Valentines Day is just around the corner! If you used up all of your creative gift ideas at Christmas, do not worry, we have so many Valentines-themed items to choose from. Whether you are putting together a sweet company event, memorable gift with purchase, designing a signature private label item, or planning a promotional give away, we have a plethora of stylish and innovative private label merchandise for Valentine’s Day. Not that we don’t all love another box of chocolates, but why not make an impression this year and go with something fresh and original? :)

Hearts, the language of Amore:

Nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like the perfect heart-shaped item, for example, promotional stress relievers, key chains, mirror compacts, and more. We have an entire section on our website dedicated to unique heart-shaped items where you can design a stylish imprint or company logo.

Hearts Products_Heart MirrorHearts Products_Tin CandleHearts Products_Mint TinHearts Products_Heart Key Chain

Red and Pink and Red All Over:

Customers often come to us with a particular color in mind. Our job is to find the perfect item for their event, gift, give away, etc. in that exact color. As you can imagine, Valentine’s Day is no exception, and red and pink are in high demand! Our site allows you to search by individual color, so tracking down the perfect pink promotional item is just a click away. Here are a few of our favorite promotional products in red and pink:

Red & Pink Products_To-Go BagRed & Pink Products_Bella ToteRed & Pink Products_Business Card HolderRed & Pink Products_Mirror Compact

Outside the Box:

Or, if you want to step a little further outside of the box, there are many fun ideas available with jewels, animal prints, and funky designs.

Outside the Box_Business Card HolderOutside the Box_Diamond Key ChainOutside the Box_TumblerOutside the Box_Jeweled Key Chain

So, if you are looking for the perfect item for a Valentine’s Day inspired corporate gift, marketing event, gift with purchase, promotional give away, or private label piece, go with something fresh and original this year. Be unique and innovative and steer clear of the typical Valentine’s Day items that everyone has seen before. Be bold and thoughtful – find an item that will make a statement and be truly treasured.

Melissa, Marketing Associate

Posted by Melissa, Marketing Associate

January 19, 2010

Contemplating the Eternal Question: What Do Women Want??

In our company, we spend all day analyzing the age old question, “What do women want”. So my interest was peaked when I read that Marie Claire and Unity Marketing teamed up to analyze the 21st century woman – what engages her, entices her to shop, and wins her loyalty – published by Global Cosmetics Industry (GCI) Magazine.

It’s no secret that we are more independent and empowered than ever before. In this increasing wave of personal power, strength, and a new definition of “femininity,” marketers are challenged more than ever before to figure out what the modern woman wants and why she shops the way she does.

GCI explains that today’s female consumer has 5 top priorities:

• Emotional Health and Family: A whopping 88% of women rated this as their top priority, while 61% admitted that their greatest challenge is finding time to unwind, relax, and take a load off.

Karma Candle SetZen Spa Basket
Here are a few of our favs to help you relax after a long day.

• Career and Finances: Number two is bigger than ever before – we are motivated and we are highly ambitious. (Thank you, Hillary and Oprah!) Constantly striving to achieve financial independence, career satisfaction, and freedom when we retire.

Full Custom Cover Business CardElise Money Clip
Keep your cash and cards safe.

• Society and Politics: 80% of women give back, either financially or with a time commitment, to charities in their communities. As though we didn’t have enough commitments, we are driven to make the world a better place and we resonate with brands that are aligned with these values.

Custom Made PolyPro Tote BagBamboo Flash Drive
Environmentally friendly products are not only socially responsible but also bring good karma.

• Health and Wellness: Sadly, nearly 50% of women will sacrifice sleep to make time for everything that needs to get done in the day, which is why we need products and services that will make health and wellness flexible and easily accessible amidst the chaos of our busy lives.

Fitness Tote BagChantel Duffel Bag
It’s more fun to go to the gym when you have a cute tote to haul around.

• Fashion and Beauty: A constant in our lives, no matter what decade or century. Nothing excites us more than a beautiful print, a stylish accessory, or a unique design.

Custom Made Designer Shoulder Scrunch BagSnakeskin Business Card HolderFull Custom Cover Mirror Compact
Our specialty!  And there are so many to choose from!

The results of this study are probably not surprising to you, but so often we still see companies and organizations in such a hurry that they lose out on this great opportunity to reach women effectively. After all, if this is a new marketing challenge for many companies, you have the opportunity to get ahead of the game by finding truly innovative promotional products that tug at the heart, are fashionable and fun, and promote health, beauty, and emotional well-being.

So, what do women want? Thanks to GCI and Marie Claire, we have a much better idea! Now it’s our job, as marketers, to be thoughtful and conscious when selecting the right products to allure women. We know your time is valuable, you’ve got a presentation in the morning, soccer practice at 3, a million emails in your inbox to go through, and a fundraiser to plan. That’s why we’ve compiled our Director’s Picks, which are the top 100 picks for the 21st century woman, to save you precious time. Marketing to 21st century women is fun – just think about the feeling you got the last time you received that amazing, thoughtful gift, or when you found that print you just couldn’t take your eyes off of. That’s what marketing to the 21st century woman is all about.

Melissa, Marketing Associate

Posted by Melissa, Marketing Associate

November 9, 2009

Blog Launch & Imprinted Purse Hangers

Welcome to the Femme Promo Blog!  Our goal is to provide you with the most fashionable and innovative ideas all in one place, so you don’t have to dig through hundreds of websites to figure out what modern, stylish women are using in their daily lives and what products get them excited.  We also hope to shed some light on your most common questions about custom manufacturing and the process of custom imprinting on our cool products.  Please come back often as we frequently search the marketplace for new trends and designs, so you can expect new product features several times a month.

Last month, Dr. Oz launched his new, highly anticipated show, The Dr. Oz Show.  During the first week of airing, Dr. Oz featured a segment about the germs that women carry around with them, right in their handbags!  It was gross.  Dr. Oz tested women’s handbags, especially our “favorite purses” which we use daily.  The results were alarming – dangerous bacteria and fungus (ones that cause asthma, infections, and more) were found.  The solution Dr. Oz offered was simple: use purse hangers (also known as purse hooks or handbag hangers)!  If you’ve seen purse hangers before, you know how cool these little accessories are and how much attention they get from other women.  Purse hangers are a couple of inches in size and quite slim. They fit easily into your pocket and definitely in a clutch or handbag, so you can carry them everywhere.  Purse hangers are designed with a hook that swivels out to hang handbags underneath the table, keeping purses clean and safe from dangerous bacteria.  (Our custom purse hangers hold bags up to 15-20 lbs.  Most large purses only weigh around 3 to 5 lbs.)

Illustration of Custom Logo Purse Hanger

Illustration of Custom Logo Purse Hanger

Highly popular in Europe, these purse hangers have yet to reach such popularity in the U.S., making it a great opportunity for businesses and organizations to brand a logo and give away.  Outside of the excited and positive feedback you’ll get from the recipient of these little stylish gifts, the fact that they are just starting to become popular means that most women don’t have them yet. Your gifts will be perceived as unique and highly innovative.

Promotional Logo Purse HangersOther benefits: keeps light colored bags from getting dirty (especially on the bottom), allows users to always have a place to put their purse (ex: for those restaurants where the only place to put your purse is your lap), keeps bags within sight away from thieves (not just gross germs), and due to daily use, your logo would get great exposure to recipients wherever she goes.  Hands down, our top selling item this year. :)

Watch Dr. Oz’s video by clicking here.


Posted by Sidney, Manager

October 2, 2009

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