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Not Just Another Box of Chocolates

The holiday season has come and gone and we’ve jumped into a new year whether we were ready to say good-bye to 2009 or not. The dust has barely settled from the ball dropping in Times Square, but we’re already flying through January, which means one thing – Valentines Day is just around the corner! If you used up all of your creative gift ideas at Christmas, do not worry, we have so many Valentines-themed items to choose from. Whether you are putting together a sweet company event, memorable gift with purchase, designing a signature private label item, or planning a promotional give away, we have a plethora of stylish and innovative private label merchandise for Valentine’s Day. Not that we don’t all love another box of chocolates, but why not make an impression this year and go with something fresh and original? :)

Hearts, the language of Amore:

Nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like the perfect heart-shaped item, for example, promotional stress relievers, key chains, mirror compacts, and more. We have an entire section on our website dedicated to unique heart-shaped items where you can design a stylish imprint or company logo.

Hearts Products_Heart MirrorHearts Products_Tin CandleHearts Products_Mint TinHearts Products_Heart Key Chain

Red and Pink and Red All Over:

Customers often come to us with a particular color in mind. Our job is to find the perfect item for their event, gift, give away, etc. in that exact color. As you can imagine, Valentine’s Day is no exception, and red and pink are in high demand! Our site allows you to search by individual color, so tracking down the perfect pink promotional item is just a click away. Here are a few of our favorite promotional products in red and pink:

Red & Pink Products_To-Go BagRed & Pink Products_Bella ToteRed & Pink Products_Business Card HolderRed & Pink Products_Mirror Compact

Outside the Box:

Or, if you want to step a little further outside of the box, there are many fun ideas available with jewels, animal prints, and funky designs.

Outside the Box_Business Card HolderOutside the Box_Diamond Key ChainOutside the Box_TumblerOutside the Box_Jeweled Key Chain

So, if you are looking for the perfect item for a Valentine’s Day inspired corporate gift, marketing event, gift with purchase, promotional give away, or private label piece, go with something fresh and original this year. Be unique and innovative and steer clear of the typical Valentine’s Day items that everyone has seen before. Be bold and thoughtful – find an item that will make a statement and be truly treasured.

Melissa, Marketing Associate

Posted by Melissa, Marketing Associate

January 19, 2010

Create a Signature Custom Manufactured Product

lmn-shaker-set2There’s nothing better than getting exactly what you want…well, maybe except for coming up with a brilliant idea and then getting exactly what you want. ;) When you have a particular item in mind, you probably have it down to the exact color, material, shape, and size. As you begin Googling, you start realizing what a daunting task it is hunting for your vision, yet anything less than perfect is just plain disappointing. This especially rings true when you’re searching for a particular item that matches your company’s brand message and style guide. Companies spend countless hours fine-tuning their brand with the perfect strategy and design language, and the same scrutiny is required when designing private label merchandise. What good is a private label handbag if the color is “off” when it sits beside the rest of the collection, the style doesn’t appeal to the target audience, or the material is lacking in quality? Nine times out of ten, you might be able to find a bag that is close to what you’re looking for, but it may be mission impossible to find one that fits all of your criteria. Don’t settle, there are options out there that so many are surprised to find out about and yes, they are affordable!

When you create a custom signature product that represents your brand, you are making a bold statement, and you need an item that your company will stand behind. The strength of a signature piece is the full alignment with your brand and brand strategy. Signature pieces are used for many purposes, including reselling, gift with purchase, promotional give away, events marketing (e.g., themed events), corporate gifts, and many more. For each purpose, the signature piece exudes quality, meaning, you didn’t opt for the more affordable standard, stock bag. You are a visionary, creating a signature, one-of-a-kind creation. (Go you!)


So what’s the hesitation? Why not create a signature piece? The usual culprits are price, time limitations, and finding a reliable source. Most of our customers are surprised to find out that many of our items don’t take 12+ weeks, but can actually be produced in 2 to 4 weeks. Another big surprise is that we custom produce original products within the U.S. for many items, so you don’t have to wait for the cargo to dock at the ports and for customs to clear your merchandise. Of course, we go overseas when we have to, especially for large quantity orders, but both our options (domestic and overseas production) have produced some of the most innovative, original pieces for well known brands such as: American Express, Disney, Time Warner, Saks Fifth Avenue, etc. Our price and quality must be exceptional to please these leading brands. And to minimize risk for you, we have check points along the process, such as creating mock-ups, prototypes, and sending you samples and swatches so you can see, touch, and feel your way through the process of getting exactly what you want.

The bottom line is this: our customers are frequently surprised at how easily and effortlessly creating a signature piece is, and that it’s not significantly more expensive than opting for a standard, stock piece. If you are looking to achieve an exact look, create high perceived value, and/or make a bold statement in a very specific way, consider custom manufacturing a private label bag, key chain, notebook, jewelry piece, or houseware item. Contact us for a quote or to get answers on how easily it can be done.


Melissa, Marketing Associate

Posted by Melissa, Marketing Associate

December 17, 2009

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