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Shopping Cosmetic Bags: My Favorite Features & Brands!

At Femme Promo we stay on top of the latest trends and designs retail and department store brands are producing, so that our customers stay ahead of the curve. Our custom manufactured wholesale cosmetic cases feature custom zippers, metal zippers, zipper pullers, tassel zipper attachments, leather and leatherette features, and more. Here are some examples of famous designer cosmetic bag brands and my favorite features:

Femme Custom bag inspired by Stephanie Johnson-

Quilted cosmetic bags are one of my favorites, this detail makes the looks simple but at the same time attractive. At Femme Promo however, we have similar styles that can be customized in a wide variety of colors as well as personalized with your company’s logo.

blog image1

Femme Custom bag inspired by Tory Burch -

Whether the whole cosmetic bag is made of leather or has some leather accents, this material takes the bag to a whole new level of sophistication. At Femme Promo we have different colors of leather available, or even leather details like a tassel puller.

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Femme Custom bag inspired by Bobbi Brown -

Compact but spacious cosmetic bags are simply the best. Definitely having a cosmetic bag that can fit anywhere but still fit everything is a must! At Femme Promo we have several options to choose from which you can personalize to your liking.

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December 7, 2016

Cosmetic Cases with Cool Custom Features and Patterns

We work with a lot of cosmetic companies, beauty brands, fashion retailers, and other female-related industries and cosmetic bags is one of our top selling items due to its price point and versatility. Not only is a giveaway bag a great idea (as you can see in all the department stores Gift With Purchase programs), but also custom manufacturing a personal make-up bag is pretty fun. The best advice we would give to our customers is to add a feature or two to make your ordinary bag a stand-out bag and this promotional strategy will ensure better ROI on your efforts.

Here are some of my favorite promotional cosmetics case features, which can certainly achieve an improved success rate on your next campaign:

1) Cosmetic Bag with Tassel Puller - This custom cosmetic bag has an awesome feature that makes it stand out. The tassel puller adds a feminine touch while still keeping the bag looking chic. Personalize your bag to your liking with the wide range of colors available!


Femme Promo


Inspired by Stephanie Johnson

2) Cosmetic Bag with Pattern: Customize your cosmetic brand with a pattern! Keep it simple but make it stand out. At Femme Promo we provide a wide variety of bags with modern and beautiful patterns!

Femme Promo

Femme Promo

Petunia Pickle Bottom

Inspired by Petunia Pickle Bottom

3) Custom Travel Bag: Super spacious custom travel bags are SO in! Give your next trip an extra personal touch with a custom made travel amenity bag. There is room for everything you’ll possibly need and the handle makes it easy to carry around.


Femme Promo


Inspired by Flight 001

4) Multi Compartment Cosmetic Bag - The best feature your custom cosmetic bag could have is to have multiple compartments! Practical for every occasion, and give it your personal custom touch!


Femme Promo


Inspired by Kate Spade New York

Want to take your custom bag to a whole new level? Check out our full details for custom made creations here!

December 2, 2016

Creating a Custom Bag From Scratch

Bags, totes, and cosmetic pouches are among the most popular and most customizable promotional products our there. Corporations hand them out, trade show booths are filled with them, and everyone is familiar with the gift with purchase cosmetic bags that companies like Clinique and Lancome offer. There are 2 ways to create a custom bag campaign. The first option is to choose from a pre-existing selection of cute, designer bags and totes. This is referred to as “stock bags” because we already have the bags readily available in stock, and we are able to easily imprint or embroider, within certain parameters, upon request.

The second option is to create your own bag from start to finish, with your choice of colors, fabrics, dimensions, and design. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for in the stock bags, this option gives you the ability to create the perfect bag from scratch! In the design process, you’re able to pick and choose the color that matches your brand perfectly, the dimensions that are the most functional, the material that ties it all together, and a number of other design details to make your bag exactly what you want.

Stock bags are slightly more cost effective, approximately $0.20-$1.50 cheaper per bag, depending on the bag. However, they are not necessarily faster to produce, as many people tend to believe. Because we produce custom bags domestically, they can be completed within 2-3 weeks! Creating a custom bag with your own signature design can be very rewarding and, of course, fun! It’s definitely worth paying a little extra to have the perfect bag.

Check out some of our custom bag projects below. Take notice of the variety – the sky is the limit! We can do allover imprints, make use of different fabric patterns, include unique details, and much much more!

Patent ToteCanvas Make-upVinyl Carry Cosmetic BagNylon Cosmetic Pouch

Vinyl Cosmetic BagCosmetic Cylinder CaseSublimated ToteNylon with Satin

Melissa, Marketing Associate

Posted by Melissa, Marketing Associate

February 10, 2010

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