True Life: I’m Addicted to Lip Balms

May 24, 2013

Both men and women have tried a lot of different lip balms, some better than others. What makes certain ones better than others? Is it the color, the flavor, the container, or what? To me, it is a little bit of everything!

Put some color and flavor into your life! The Standard Clear Tube Lip Balm, Full Color Label will do just that! Not only does it have fruity flavored lip balm, but it also comes with SPF15 protecting your lips from the harmful UV rays. To top off the fruity flavor, the color of the lip balm shows through the clear tube making this an exciting lip balm for colorful branding!

Standard Clear Tube Lip Balm, Full Color Label

If fruity flavors aren’t your thing, check out our Value SPF15 Lip Balms, Full Color Label. This is one of our most affordable and most popular custom printed lip balms. It comes standard with a full color label so you can customize your design boldly and in as many colors as you wish. These custom chapsticks come in two universally popular flavors: classic peppermint or vanilla flavor.

Value SPF15 Lip Balms, Full Color Label

Out of all of our promotional lip balms, I definitely have a top 3 in no particular order. One of the top 3 is the Natural Moisturizing Lip Shimmers, because sometimes you just want a hint of some shine and shimmer. Another one is the Brilliant Lip Balm, because the lip balm is made of beeswax and Vitamin E, and also comes in a pretty colored container. Lastly is the Lip Balm Slider Tin, because sometimes you want the container to fit in your pocket a little better and as a tradeshow giveaway, these seem more “cool.”

Natural Moisturizing Lip ShimmersBrilliant Lip Balm

Check out our wide selection of promotional and giveaway chapsticks and lip balms!


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